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ATTN: Redheaded (dyed) GTers! Pls Help! (hair dye questions)

10 days ago, I went into my hairstylist and asked him to dye my hair burgundy. I really wanted this perfect red-violet shade. I have super dark hair, but for whatever reason, he didn't bleach my hair that day; he just tried to color it, which obviously didn't do much of anything.

I went back 2 days later and he bleached my hair and re-dyed it, and this time it was much more successful. He ALMOST got the color I wanted, not quite but that was okay.

It's been one week since then, and the color has already faded a bunch. A lot of the violet undertones are gone, and I'm worried it's just gonna end up kind of a weird red shade if it continues along this path.


I actually found a Revlon or Loreal (can't remember) box of burgundy dye in a great shade which I'm going to buy (I live in the middle of nowhere and it was a BIG DEAL to find this shade of dye in a store here). My questions are:

1. It's been one week since my hair was bleached and dyed again. Is it okay to dye it again in the next 4-5 days? I have a little mini-vacation I'm going on next weekend and I'd love to have it be the right shade.

2. I know red is a difficult color to maintain. Does anyone have any good tips to keep the color as long as possible? I'm loving this color, and I'd like to keep it this way but I don't want to damage it by overdoing it.


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