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So, fuck. I'm sick. Like, really really sick. So I can't go no matter how much I will myself to. I'm sorry, I don't want to get the rest of you sick as well :( Is anyone up for a do-over NYE at Waffle's house?

Let's hang out in NE and do karaoke at a dive bar! Who is free Saturday night?

The Vegas Lounge is a mainstay on the City Pages Best of list for best karaoke bar, and it's definitely earned that reputation. Their song catalog is about 4" thick, and it's the most NE of NE bars - completely a dive that's a crowded mix of blue collar midwesterners and hipsters alike.


If we get bored, we could always walk across the street to Lush, the gay bar which always seems to be playing Benny Benassi's Satisfaction whenever I go.

What do you say, TC? Two completely different drinking experiences in one night?

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