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Au Revoir, GT

And I mean that in the literal way of "'til I see you again", because I am coming back, but I won't be around for a while because I am GOING ON HOLIDAY GUISE!!!

I'm leaving in about 6 hours to catch a flight to New York, where I will see my SO for the first time in THREE MONTHS and the gif above could loop a million times and still not amount to the level of excitement I feel about this! I'll have internet in the US, and I'll check in from time to time to read what y'alls have been writing, but I almost certainly won't get a chance to post anything of substance/non-image form for about 3 weeks. I know you'll do fine without me, but don't all go changing your names/avatars and leave me all confused when I get back!


Because I'm obviously going to be having an AMAZING week, I want to take this opportunity to ask what are you all looking forward to in the coming 7 days? Leaves changing colours? Exciting family get-togethers? Wine? (Duh, wine)

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