Welcome To The Bitchery
Welcome To The Bitchery

I have 3 audible credits that are expiring in 2 days. What should I get? Any outstanding audiobooks—stuff you were glad you listened to instead or reading, or thought the performer was awesome?

I’ve gotten too good at borrowing audiobooks from the library (and being too busy to listen much), and so I am at a loss for how to productively use these credits. I want to try to use these on things that I might want to listen to multiple times or would want to have access to at any time. Otherwise I’d prefer to just borrow them from the library. 


Thank you!! Feel free to use this to discuss good books, too. It can be an audio and non-audio book OT! (HoneyHeart, I don’t mean to preempt Lazy Sunday Lit Talk...I just have to spend my credits before Sunday!)

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