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Audiobooks or podcasts on meditation for beginners? (Updated thanks)

Hello hivemind, I've decided that I need to at least try to meditate, but have no idea how to get started. For a whole host of reason, audio is the best format for now. Has anyone used or do you have recommendations for good resources available in audio format? There's a bunch of them on Audible and a friend loaned me the best rated one, by John Kabat-Zinn, in paperback, so I don't necessarily want to get that one.

Update: Folks, nuKinja won't let me respond to any of you and I'm at work (I think I was able to recommend). It's telling of my state of mind that I started tearing up at Una Bear Dog's beautiful and encouraging post. I'm going away for a work trip (while having all kinds of allergy issues that I am pretty sure are related to work stress, so hopefully I can start looking at some of these sources. I'd like to join the GT group if you all don't mind an impatient, anxious and agitated newbie.


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