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You guys! Veronica Mars isn't streaming anymore! This ruins my whole evening!! I've been aimless with my tv viewing, watching things I didn't really want to be watching, when it struck me that all I wanted was to see some VMars again, from the beginning. I even told myself that I could watch just a few episodes, not all of them (a lie, but whatever), and it would be fine.

Now I have no more excuses. I need to buy the series. I know that, but it still messes with my plans. That's like when a pregnant lady is struck by a craving, and there's no pickles in the house. (I know, it's a wretched cliche, but it's the most comparable.)

I was just watching...something. what was it? oh yeah—21 Jump Street, and I thought I saw Logan Echolls' pool house. I think that's what started the craving. Then I started watching Nancy Drew, which is just so sugary sweet, and good for a Saturday afternoon, but not for today. And Enrico Colantoni was on this week's Warehouse 13. It's like a dream, when your subconscious makes these connections and then you have the most whacked-out dream, but you feel great when you wake up. It's that. And I can't get my fix until I go shopping. Ugh.


This has been my public service announcement. Thanks for listening.

ETA: Also, I'd like to add, it looks like the guy who played Piz's pilot got picked up, so fingers crossed he'll be busy when they're shooting the movie. Or he'd be free just long enough to play dead. No, that's mean. Let's just say he got a job in Topeka or someplace, and let that be that.


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