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August Events

Hello everyone! I have posting privileges now and open to constructive criticism if you find this utterly boring or too much info at once. I am a tech person by day and a circus and burlesque performer the rest of the time and enjoy writing about my troupes and personal adventures on the stage and at events. Sometimes I talk about personal stuff. Today is a bit just of an info dump of everything that’s happening the next few weeks!

I’ve been a bit quiet recently since my last show I had to skip due to family circumstances (my dad has been battling cancer the past... 2 years now and he underwent a 13 hour surgery a month ago, been bouncing between regular recover and the CCU which means occasionally I have to drop everything and run down to LA to spend time with my parents- just in case).

In any case, with my dad almost home (any day now they tell us) I am able to refocus on artistic endeavors with a little more commitment and just in time too!


August brings two big new events for me both in a troupe context and a individual performer context! August is when the annual Labyrinth of Jareth in LA is held. You can find more information about it here:

Its been on our radar for a while and our group has been told we would fit right in at this event when we have attended steampunk conventions in the past. This is our first year attending (we aren’t performing as we are brand new to this event and would hate to presume) and we have one of our performers Kitty BangBang organizing us into getting a place to stay, carpools and costuming! It has been an interesting struggle because I am not the most crafty person (I can decorate pre-existing costume pieces but making something from scratch is a little out of my wheel house now).

Our group costuming is as follows:

  • Darkness - an all black attired Jackal
  • Light - an all white attired Bunny
  • Flora - a green snake covered in foliage
  • Metal - a metallic deer (me! - so far I have gold and black belly dancing pants, my coin belt, a silver and black chain metal bra and silver horns)
  • Fire - a red, orange, and yellow cat
  • Water - a blue icey crocodile
  • Air - I have no idea if that person actually ever committed so I have no idea
3D printed “Silver” deer antlers by MudandMajesty on Etsy

All the concepts that were developed in January have been edited a bit (edited a lot) but I fear that Kitty will be disappointed in my costume - I originally was going to make my own pants and a bustle out of this beautiful silver stretch sequin fabric but it broke my machine half way through and I haven’t had the time (aforementioned dad cancer stress times) to fix it or the pants. She is also expecting me to build shoulder and arm guards and be an intersection of belly dancing, fantasy warrior, and I have no idea what else. My personal goal is to just go and have fun - not be the best dressed because frankly, I know I won’t be and I would rather just have a good time.

The pants! by Dark Fusion Boutique

The weekend after that I have a personal development - a solo performance in NorCal with Hubba Hubba Revue for their Post-Apocalypse show! I have been working on a Fall Out inspired number! The number has three parts to it and I tried to take my idea away from my usual ideas - dark, hovering between pretty & not pretty. I wanted to do something that way more peppy and fun with a dark twist.

I’m Eve Riot and I am here to participate in the revolution which in my mind will be both creepy & sexy
  • Act one “Jingle Jangle Electro Swing Remix” - music from the actual game, Nuka Cola Girl costume, super bouncing and high energy dance
  • Act two - Nuclear Warning to get to a fall out shelter, an acting section where I am either miming or acting out the warning ending in a duck and cover position
  • Act three - “Castle” from Halsey where I get out of my Nuka Girl and reveal a Vault # 69 bikini and finally radiation pasties with it getting cut off with a gun shot once I am off stage (implication being I either shot someone or myself but the suicide implications could be triggering so I cut that original ending, the style will be a hip hop ballet fusion.
The pasties but the red is black by Telltale Tassels on Etsy

The whole piece is about 5 minutes long which is longer than my normal burlesque pieces - I am trying my hand at better story telling rather than just creating compelling visuals. Its a very bright colored piece - my outer layers being all white and red with a blue and yellow bikini under and yellow and black pasties. And I feel like I get to show case all my different styles - modern dance, acting, and hip hop fusion with a hint of ballet thrown in for good measure.


My only freak out about this is that my props - my astronaut helmet & gun are still not with me and may not get completed till the week before and I won’t perform with a prop unless I have had adequate time to choreograph with it. I commissioned the pieces from friends and although I know at least the gun is done he has had an excuse to not get it to the post office for the past three weeks. I called him out on that and gave me the boohoo my dad is sick (my dad is also sick but I am still juggling a full time job, my abusive brother, two troupes and several projects for September but...)

The Eve Riot special in progress

In any case, I am an inconsistent blogger but I hope to get a bit better at discussing the process of putting together acts and shows as well as talking about influences and inspirations!

Thanks for reading.

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