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Aunt Lydia of The Handmaid's Tale

Is anyone else confused about the seeming omnipresence of Aunt Lydia?

I can understand how having one character/actress in the role works narratively for the book and financially for the TV production. Also, Ann Dowd is slaying in the role, so it’s not that I mind per se, but in the practical sense, it strains credulity that this woman is literally everywhere. She teaches a full day of classes at the Red Center but still finds time to accompany Eyes to interrogations, lead rapist executions, midwife home births, prep Handmaids for dignitary visits, and be right on hand when the anesthesia wears off after forced clitorectomies.

Good gravy, that’s a comprehensive list of job duties, and I somehow doubt we’ve even seen the full range of them yet. How does this work? Are Aunts assigned to a graduating class of Handmaids like parole officers and thus responsible to be on hand for every last thing each one of them does? Or is it a regional designation?


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