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Austin Bomber and Righteous Invasion Of Truth

What happened to Christianity? I went to Catholic schools from 1st through College never once were we taught as part of the Christian education gun shooting or survivalist skills and group had an interest in “weapons and stuff”. When you include teaching about mixing chemicals and what’s dangerous to mix combined with gun shooting and survivalist skills that does not sound like Chemistry classes I took.

I realize they did not teach how to make bombs but skills are transferable especially if your group has an interest in weapons and stuff. I have to wonder did they create an atmosphere where people like the bomber could thrive. I also realize the group never intended for this to happen. Yet looking from the outside it looks inevitable.

Right wing Christianity plus gun training plus nurturing interests in weapons and stuff plus teaching about chemicals COMBINED with an angry entitled white male what do you think wil happen? Really.


Again I realize the group never intended for this but they helped create an atmosphere where this could easily happen.

I cannot once recall Jesus training his apostles in sword training or carry any weapon with him except for words and love.

Raise your kids as humanists and atheists. Teach your kids about the teachings of Jesus but stress he was a human and had great lessons but stuff like the miracles, healings etc was written far after his death.


Religion must die in order we have a better shot as a species to survive.

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