For the first time ever, the Austin City Council has a female majority, which apparently drove the City Manager to put on a training on how to work with them. Unsurprisingly, the training was a complete mess.

Some of the highlights of this training included (as quoted by the article above):

  • Women asks lots of questions
  • Women are afraid of dealing with numbers
  • Women are going to take over politics (HAH!)
  • Women are different from men
  • Women have higher expectations of your work

The first speaker, who was presumably leading the training because he had experience working with an all-woman Council in Florida, was fired last month. Maybe this was a really bad idea?


So I live in Austin, and I love it here, but I have always found it funny how quickly Austinites distance themselves from the rest of Texas (that article is comedic, but it hits close to home), like they are the sole bastion of liberal thought in the whole state. They like to forget that we live in a divided city, one where it’s “dangerous to go to the East Side (read: where the minorities and poors live),” the same East Side that they are pushing lower-income residents out of. Austin still has far to go with respect to race, class, and clearly, gender. I find it hard to believe that this latest example is a fluke by a rogue City Manager. Instead, I see it as a reminder that maybe this city is a little more Texan than we would like to admit.