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Australian news: Controversy over proposed "Comfort women" memorial statue in Sydney

For anyone who's interested in some international news, this happened in Sydney this week. The articles I've linked below are a pretty good summary, but basically an Australian-based group is campaigning for a memorial statue for the victims and (final few remaining) survivors of Japanese military sexual slavery during WWII (the design is for three women holding hands, if anyone's interested) in Strathfield, a Sydney suburb with a strong Korean and Chinese population. There's been some pretty strong opposition, including a petition by a Japanese organisation with over 10,000 signatures, and criticism that the proposed memorial could be culturally divisive and not conducive to harmony.

Sorry about the quotation marks around "comfort women". I know it's the accepted term, and the one used by Amnesty amongst other official tribunals and bodies, but it still makes me gag just a little bit.


My two cents (not that you asked, hahaha): build the fucking statue. Apart from anything else, the "culturally divisive" argument could be levelled at, like, practically any memorial to victims of an event where one demographic brutalised another demographic. And not quite on point but still a consideration: another reminder that sometimes war crimes are specifically gendered and women are often victims of war in ways it's not comfortable to think about doesn't exactly hurt the social conscience.



*angry mumble* fuck you Toru Hashimoto *mumble mumble* *goddamn fucking historical revisionism *mumble mumble* the deniers just want the last survivors to hurry up and die of old age already *mumble *

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