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Author Appreciation Post

Who are some of your favorite (paid) authors from around the Gawkerverse? I feel like there are plenty who get criticized, but there are a few gems that I look forward to reading.

Melanie Pinola's piece about jealousy really reminded me of how much I love her work over at Lifehacker. I think she brings a unique perspective to hacks on what can otherwise be a really tech and job heavy site. She's excellent at food related or health/fitness hacks, and I always really enjoy her writing.


Burt is an obvious choice, but I'm also really enjoying new weekend guy Mark Shrayber over on the MP. He puts out a good balance of serious topics and fluff, and he's good at interacting with commenters.

I also can't help but love Caity Weaver, because she kind of reminds me of the sarcastic friends I have that I love hanging out with but also might be secretly afraid of.

Are there authors that you've grown to really like that you'd suggest checking out?


ETA: How in the world did I forget you, Kyosuke? You're in my top 5!

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