Welcome To The Bitchery
Welcome To The Bitchery
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Author Privs! Thanks mods :)


I felt like I ought to write an official First Post because that seems customary, and also because I don’t want to start into Groupthink with a random impulsive rant like how I start all my journals. Does anybody else get that/used to get that with journals? You get one all shiny and new and crisp and you think, great! This is where I start my great philosophical journey that will be published after I died. But you don’t, and then someone runs over your foot with a shopping cart in the mall and your first journal entry reads “OH MY GOD WHY ARE PEOPLE SO IMPOLITE I HATE THE EARTH, TAKE ME AWAY MARS ROVER TO JOURNEY WITH YOU IN THE STARS.”


And, oh hey, look! My first Groupthink post is a rant.

Thanks for the authorship, guys :)

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