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Sorry about how very much overdue this post is but it’s FINALLY HERE! Invite thread time! That means we’re adding authors to join in on posting discussions of their own to make our fantastic forum even more vibrant and diverse. Bear with me on this one as I’m not sure which mods will be around to add people so it may take a little longer than usual. As always once each case is reviewed the comment will be deleted to keep things clutter free and easier to navigate. Always remember that the best way to get in is to build a positive rapport within the GT community which is easily done by responding to the posts of others and contributing to discussions thoughtfully/positively. Anyone can respond on Groupthink, but authors can create new posts and de-gray commenters contributing positively in the grays (authors have permanent black ink). That said, I will keep the post updated and edit in information regarding if the post is still active/when it closes. I’ll provide links to past rules and guidelines posts as well to help anyone along. Forgive me if the spacing is off here, migraine brain!


Again, authors have black ink and can follow commenters in the gray. Authors can write new posts and share them across Kinja.

So what is Groupthink? Groupthink is a discussion forum with a feminist lens to put it simply. While Jezebel often has feminist leanings and discussions but isn’t feminist identified, Groupthink is explicitly feminist and is moderated as such. We began as Jezbel’s open discussion community and have evolved happily into our own awesome, user-controlled space. You all can post or discuss whatever you wish from the most serious of academic takes to the most frivolous of gossip. GT is for you by you with only some input by mods. It’s yours to use how you please to chat and discuss within the rules.

As always I’m going to take everyone through the basic rules, etiquette, purpose, and more general info regarding GT so we can all see if this is a good fit for you and you’re a good fit for us. The FIRST AND FOREMOST RULE IS DON’T BE A JERK. As this is the first and foremost rule on many forums I’m sure everyone is used to this already but yes, clearly, this is a place of friendship and healthy discussion. So don’t be a jerk. We are also an INTERSECTIONAL forum and insist on respecting intersectionality within the community. There is zero tolerance for racism, sexism, xenophobia, transphobia, homophobia, religious-based hatred, ableism, etc and so forth for bigotry and hatred. Do not speak over the PoC of this forum or engage in any kind of race-based aggression.


PLEASE REMEMBER TO NOT MAKE NEW POSTS SAYING YOU GOT AUTHORSHIP PRIVILEGES! Of course make new posts with your new authorship. But no just saying that. At least make a discussion please. It causes too many issues and worries those whose cases haven’t been evaluated yet.

And from our previous post our other disclaimers are


* We are not a safe space. Repeat after me: we are not a safe space. Groupthink is an OPEN community, which means everyone from your neighbor down the street to the cat in an apartment halfway around the world can see what you’re posting. It is indexed, archived, cached, and searchable. PLEASE keep this in mind when posting any identifiable information. So what is one thing we are not, kids? THAT’S RIGHT! We are not a safe space.

* Cross posting is a thing. Part of signing up for a Kinja account means you agree for your posts to be seen across the Kinjaverse. The mods have no control over this feature. If an author for any Kinja website wants to share your post to their main page, they are free to do so. There is no advance notice to this. The only notification you receive will be when you have been cross posted.


If there are any issues that come up, CONTACT THE MODS FIRST! You can reach us at groupthinkmods@gmail.com to get all of us, reply to us personally (Sorcia is forum owner, I am a mod, Slay is OG mod and while very busy does check in and visit, JoanBeam is a mod, LaComtesse is a mod, and Zap Rosdowser as well so you can reach out to us here too). We’re happy to help answer questions, review trolling cases, give general forum info, etc. Lots of GTers are also long-term commenters and know the community very well to help answer more general questions as well.

The Rules:
If you want a more in-depth look and refresher course in GT etiquette and rules here is our master post: Also, searching the tag “Mod Talk” can often help bring up relevant info.

Remember DON’T BE A JERK? Just keep in mind that tone loss and misconstruing via the internet are easy. Take a second, breathe, and contact us if you feel someone is violating the rules instead of opening up a can of verbal whoop-ass right away.


On shit-stirring: Shit-stirring is considered to be an individual who intentionally targets or antagonizes a GT member/group of members to the point of distress. Types of shit stirring include but are not limited to: direct contact through posts and comments, indirect contact through other social media means, call-out posts, derailing, trolling, inflammatory remarks containing all the oldies, but goodies: racism, sexism, ableism - look, if it falls into an “ism” that doesn’t ascribe to the basic tenets of respect towards fellow humans, you might want to reflect on whether you’re being an asshole before hitting “publish.”

DOXXING WILL INDUCE A PERMA-BAN FROM THE FORUM: Do not test us on this. You publish any identifiable, personal information about any human, you will be banned. Period.


What do we take into account when someone asks for authorship privileges?

1. An established commenting history on Groupthink that dates back at least a few months. We really do look, folks. Mods have real lives and not all of us are familiar with everyone’s voice - your comments are how we get to know you and how you interact with the community.


2. Evidence of active participation and positive contribution to the community. If we find comments accusing us of being a pack of mentally unstable platypus murderers, chances of authorship will remain slim to none. Still want to be an author? Rethink the platypus murderer remark and improve your commenting history. Rare, sporadic posting is a flag for us, too - like it’s been stated, we are looking for active participants in the community, not people looking to collect authorship privs like POGs.

3. Unique voices and interesting perspectives. Over the years, GT has developed several weekly features, post series, and a wide variety of personal/academic essays. We are always looking to add new ideas and voices to our author list. If you have an idea for a topic you’d like to explore, do a post series on, hell, a weekly serial a la Dickens, TELL US ABOUT IT. We want to hear what you’re passionate about and would like to share with everyone here.


4. An ability to read critically and retain basic information about our community. Yup, that means having read the disclaimers above, you’re familiar with the guidelines, and you know how to contact the mods when necessary.

5. Patience, grasshopper. The authorship post is going to be up for longer than the usual two weeks as it’s been so longand it can take mods several days to adequately review requests. How in the world will you know when a decision has been made? Simple! Your comment will be deleted once a decision has been made on your authorship status. Additionally, Kinja will send you an “INVITE” that will show up in your notifications. Do you still see your comment up? Have you not received an invite notification? Then we have not yet made a decision. Please do not ask. Certainly don’t ask repeatedly.



Not at all! While this particular authorship post will be open for a few weeks, we do our best to host seasonal invite threads, giving commenters the option to request authorship up to four times a year. If it doesn’t happen this roll of the dice, stick around, keep participating, and try again next time!



1) What is our number one rule?

2) How does one reach the mods?

3) What happens if someone doxxes another person?

4) BONUS: This doesn’t have to be answered but we’d sure like it. Tell us about yourself! Or maybe what you’d like to provide to GT as an author. Share!


Thanks everyone and excited for new authors!! Myself or the other mods will be resharing this again throughout the duration to keep it active. Remember once evaluated your application will be dismissed regardless of acceptance or not. We love you <3

EDIT/UPDATE 1 (Thurs, the 30th of Nov): REMEMBER, IF YOU SEE SOMETHING, SAY SOMETHING! If you see someone applying for authorship that you think has had negative interactions with the community, there are a few options. Flag the response so I see there’s a potential issue, email us, or just give me a comment and I’ll dismiss it ASAP (obviously this may not be the best one late at night or early AM. I’m on Central time to make it easier for everyone). LOVE YOU! We’ve already gotten loads of new voices and we’re excited for more.

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