I was reading some of the links on Nothip's reads and Sarkeesian's name popped up.

I was curious, so I did one of those auto-complete searches. I typed "Anita Sarkeesian is" into Bing, and lo and behold you'd think she was the most hated person on the internet.

Now comparing that to someone else, say, Rob Ford, the notoriously terrible mayor. You'd think his search results would reflect that, but the majority of the auto-complete is positive.


I bet this kind of pattern holds true for a lot of women. I checked Anne Hathaway and most of the results were speculation on her being phony, ugly, etc.

And to top it off:


I really hope Bing is wrong and this doesn't actually represent what people are searching.

(Yes, Yes, I know. Two posts in one day. I'm not usually this annoying. But I couldn't not tell you guys about this.)