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Autographs, Anyone?

Who has autographs? Mine are all from books, but let me see yours! Tell the stories behind them. Disclaimer: if anyone owns *Robert Downey Jr.'s signature, and and talked to him, etc.: I WILL CUT YOU!

*I may be getting a Robert Downey Jr. one , because this guy I'm seeing has one and may give it to me. YES!

Let's start with mine:


The story: Kate Beaton-my favorite historical comic artist-signed my copy of Hark! A Vagrant. She was so sweet in person, and wrote my name in it! And drew a picture! I told her I draw comics, and she encouraged me to keep it up. She is adorable, and took a picture with me too.

The story: I met David Lynch at a huge book fair. I recognized him signing books and forced my best friend to stand in line with me for 10 minutes to get my book signed. I told him I liked Eraserhead, and he said to me, in the cutest voice, "Oh, you're such a good girl!". He was so sweet!


The story: Buzz, oh Buzz. I made my then boyfriend wait with me for a few minutes (he was a science geek, so he didn't mind) to have this national treasure sign his book. He was so out of it, poor man. A smile plastered on his face, but very kind eyes. You could say...he was lost in space!


And my personal favorite...


David Motherfucking Bowie!

The story: ok, I didn't meet him in person. This is actually a limited edition book I bought from some site, that sells rockstar stuff. I saw it on the David Bowie fan site or something last summer, and I saved up my monies to get it. I am such a freaking fan! It's my prized possession. David. Freaking. Bowie.


Here's a taste of what's inside it. Ziggy style:


So, post your autographs! It's always cool to hear the stories behind them!

But, I swear to God, if anyone has an RDJ story...I want to be you.

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