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I was super surprised to see Ava & Viv products in the wild at my local Target today. I was also just slightly saddened by the variety of items they had. I'm sure I'm dreaming but my fingers are crossed they'll get at least MOST of the Ava & Viv items and have a nice variety in store. There were 3 shirts, all the same style, different prints(I should have taken pictures, I can't find any photos of them online). They were very much that flowing style with those sort of butterfly sleeves where it's like a sleeve, but it also is like upside down triangle shaped...the kind of sleeves that Target has been selling for the last year and a half under their Pure Energy line of clothing where there's just TOO MUCH material around my armpits for my tastes.

There was also a dress that looked nice on the hanger, but I put it on my body and it was awkward/highlighted every lump ever, and also had that weird too much material sleeve style that I personally don't enjoy at all. It was this dress, but it definitely didn't hug my curves as nicely as it's doing here:


Their skinny jeans and pants were actually sort of phenomenal...I got a pair and I'm really enjoying the look/feel of them for just $29.99. Comparing them to Lane Bryant, they feel just as nice for about half the price. They would be better in my opinion if they were higher wasted, but I fight to find jeans with a high enough waist for my taste even at old lady stores like Roamans.

There were also a few blazers that I didn't try on because I haven't yet come to terms with the idea of weary a blazer made out of a jersey material. I do believe one of them was the blazer in the dress photo above. I just can't wear a blazer made out of what feels like pajama material, sorry(not sorry) fashion.

Has anyone else seen Ava and Viv in their local Target yet? What do you think? I am cautiously optimistic after today(and really excited to see their hoodies/swimwear in person), but honestly I had previously lost all faith in Target ever caring to provide a decent plus-size line again after the last 2 years of plus-size junk they've been putting in their stores. Any change at this point, will be welcome.

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