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Avatar and identity

Sort of inane, please don't mainpage.

I changed my avatar to Huey Freeman.


It used to be Nadya Tolokonnikova.

And before that it was Gloria Steinem.


So why change to Huey now? I don't entirely know.

Many GTers thought I was a woman for a long time, and I'm sure my avatars had something to do with that. But I kept them around because I think Nadya and Gloria are badass. (I mean look at Nadya - her fist is literally obscuring than man's mouth.)


But Huey's badass, too.

And he's actually very much like I was when I was his age. (It's funny, because my little brother is a lot like Riley).


Even though I like Huey's scowl, I really don't want to come accross that way all of the time. I'm really a pretty happy person (now, not when I was his age). But I Googled "Huey Freeman smiling" and got nothing but scowls. Which is kind of the way it should be, if you know him.

Anyway, I try to keep it real on GT - I use my real name. I doxx myself constantly. I go out of my way to meet GTers in real life.


And I've been on GT for over a year now. At this point, if my avatar rubs people the wrong way, or causes them to think differently about what I say - I really just have to own that. On the flip side, it might help my comments make more sense. Fundamentally, I'm not a white woman. I'm a black man concerned with social justice. And I still have a lot to learn. Like Huey.

And I'll probably change it again in the future.

Actually, I'm probably more like Thomas Dubois than I'd like to admit.


Do people ever misperceive you because of your avatar?

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