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Yesterday Kate Snow of NBC News was on most of the MSNBC shows to talk about her interview with Julie Swetnick.

I take Kate Snow’s pieces pretty seriously because she did that long piece a couple of years ago with Cosby’s victims that was so heart-wrenching.


She interviewed Swetnick over the weekend and went out of her way yesterday and today to state that they’d devoted all their resources for the 24 hours after the interview to trying to find anyone who could verify any of her statements about Kavenaugh—three of the names she gave them are dead—one person said he doesn’t remember her at all, and two did not respond to questions.

Today the Judiciary Committee released this letter that a TV weatherman, Dennis Ketterer sent to Orrin Hatch’s office regarding Julie Swetnick.


I’ll admit, I did not find her as believable as I did Dr Ford—and Snow pointed out that some details in her interview were different than the ones in her sworn statement.


Not sure what to think about this but if her accusations are real, someone is working pretty hard to make her look crazy or to be a liar.

At first before I saw her interviewed, I assumed their calling her implausible was because they wanted to slap down Avenatti, but either they’re working really hard on that or he did a crappy job on vetting her before he took her on as a client.


Avenatti’s responses:


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