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Average Joes Juxtaposed with Underwear Models

Illustration for article titled Average Joes Juxtaposed with Underwear Models

Photo courtesy of the "Real men vs. underwear models" project

Source: I Acknowledge Beauty Exists

While I don't approve of the implications of phrases "real men/real women," I DO enthusiastically support campaigning for body positivity! With the number of eating disorders in men on the rise and the fact that men face more social stigma in seeking treatment, it is ever more crucial to address the body image issues men face.


Also, don't know about you, but I rather enjoy seeing these "John Does" strutting their stuff, especially the one in the photo above! Nomz! ;-)

ETA: WOOO, boy, do I feel silly...this campaign has not only been written about once, but TWICE on Groupthink already!


All apologies, Catass and Frankenberry!

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