I'm not good with being able to visualize things, so although I had always been told about the wonky proportions on the Barbie, and I understood that they weren't physically achievable, I still couldn't visualize what a "normal" doll should look like. Until now, I guess.

I like more "normal" looking Barbie! Homegirl has got some booty! And those are some MaryTylerGore sized feet on that doll.

While I do like the push to be a bit more realistic, I am a little weary of anyone that claims that this is "normal" since it's "based on an average 19 year old." I think it's a bit reductive to claim that this new Barbie is what the normal woman's body proportions look like, but at least we're going in the right direction, right?

And at least now I have a better idea of why Barbie was so wrong before.