I just moved. The place I used to live at is family owned, and their fixing it up in order to sell it.

Apparently, I narrowly escaped death for the many years I lived there.

- The fridge and dishwasher weren't installed properly and were leaking water (but not excessively). This led to black mold. I'm blaming this shit for my development of allergies, and how I was always an oozing mass of snot. Since I moved? Not even close to as much.

- The light switch to the outside had wires exposed to the elements, and everyone was surprised I hadn't been electrocuted. The switch was for an outdoor fan. The first time it didn't work, I stopped using it.

- Apparently there was live wires in my bathroom. I have no idea how that turned out fine.


The house was trying to kill me. No wonder things have been shitty lately. It's hard to have an excellent life if your home is trying to kill you.

Is this a normal thing?