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Avoiding becoming the Accidental Gentrifier

Kinja, please let me post links normally. This is stupid.

The MP article on gentrification makes me think and be confused about what I should do - as almost all gentrification articles do. My family is probably moving to a nearby city in the next 12 months - my husband will be a public school teacher and we both think that if we're public workers, we should live in our community. It's not a particularly wealthy city and it's pretty segregated. We don't earn a lot of money and won't be able to afford living in the 'nice' part of town. We'll probably buy one of the older, larger homes with a yard in the 'other' side of town. If the home needs work, we'll probably fix it up ourselves because we would like to live in a nice place for the first time in our adult lives.

...how do we avoid being gentrifiers? I promise we're not jerks, we're not out to ruin anybody's lives. We just want to be able to live where we work in a home that we own.


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