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Long and silly advice seeking post for dealing with family etiquette.

When hedgehim and I moved to Chicago over the summer, my parents asked if they could visit us over Christmas or New Years. We moved here for hedgehim to start business school and since he would be working full time, I was worried about the new workload being too much for both of us (me dealing with the fact that he'd never be home) so I said that my parents could visit later.

A month or so later, hedgehim's mom asked if she could visit us during that time and we also told her no, that we wouldn't be having guests over that time because of hedgehim's classes and work schedule.


I just learned the hedgehim actually has a three week break between classes; the longest of all his semesters. So it seems like it would actually make sense for family to visit in then instead of pushing it off til February (when my academic father has spring break and was my deal to let them come as soon as possible.) The weather would also be similar (a reason that I didn't want them visiting over the holidays as well.)

But, now since we've told hedgehim's mom that she can't visit, hedgehim feels like we can't renege on one side of the family and would rather just not do anything. I've been overcome with a sudden desire to spend the holiday with my family. What to do?

TL;DR We originally didn't want to see my or my SO's family over Christmas and said no to both visiting us. Now I want to see my family over the holidays in a strange fit of anti-Scroogeness. Can we invite them without pissing off my MIL?

I also wouldn't mind going home, since my parents would probably fit the bill. But I'd still need to a) convince hedgehim to go b) let his mom know we made holiday plans of some kind of c) go without hedgehim.

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