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Avoiding phone calls

I have a problem Groupthink. My anxiety is at a point where I won’t answer my phone if I don’t know the number. Which is probably pretty normal for most people. But is it normal to avoid listening to messages FOR DAYS AT A TIME because I don’t want to deal with what they might say? They might need me to call someone back! Or gasp do something! I have a message from my claims adjuster from my car accident. He’s probably confirming he got the estimate and is probably approving it and giving me instructions on what to do to get my car fixed but what if he needs more from me? Or if it is approved then I have to call the body shop and make an appointment. Another call I don’t want to make. I’ve noticed the amount of time I procrastinate tasks I feel are unpleasant is increasing pretty quickly. I didn’t listen to 2 messages from my psychiatrist/therapist’s office all weekend because I got a message from them late Friday about needing my new insurance card (went on Mr. Haa’s this year). I didn’t think I had it yet so I stressed all weekend about finding it. Spoiler: it was in my wallet. I just forgot getting it a couple weeks ago. The 2 calls I avoided? Reminders of my 2 appointments this week. It’s starting to affect my life.


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