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I am procrastinating. I have been procrastinating. I will continue to procrastinate. Because I'm a dumbass like that.

I need to be deciding on a song to start teaching the kiddos on Sunday, but my brain is refusing to focus on it. Maybe something I can accompany with the dulcimer, because that way I don't have to worry about how to get them all into a room with a piano in the 15 minutes per week I get to work with them. Bah. This would mean that I have to keep my nails very short until the end of February, but that's pretty likely anyway given the time of year.


I could also be clearing my desk of all the Advent and Christmas junk which is covering it, but, well, nah. That's a Monday job. So is refiling all the the stacks of music currently littering the music library.

I could be working on my sight-reading skills. I could be working on any number of musician-y skills. But I ain't.


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