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Awesome 3ds Eshop Puzzle Sale

Have a Nintendo 3ds and like puzzles. Well there is an awesome sale of puzzle and other games. The puzzle choices are epic.

ALL the Lightwood Puzzle games are on sale. Most I bought 1st day. Now they are on sale.

Link A Pix Color. Fantastic game. 120 puzzles of 8 pages with 15 a page. The first few pages take no more then 20 minutes. Page 4 increases the size and I averaged 45 minutes a puzzle. Page 5 to 8 are 50x75 size. Very large puzzles. I finished the 8th one and I have gone from 50 to 70 minutes each. Not tough but tricky.


Pic A Pix Color. Like Picross? Well this is Picross but with colored numbers. The sizes are 10x10 to around 20x25. There are about 150 puzzles. For 3 dollars. Plus dlc which goes from 45 puzzles each of 10x10 to 15x15 to 30 puzzles of large size 20x25 each dlc is $1.99

Party Sudoku for 3 dollars 1000 puzzles all hand crafted by Conceptis Puzzles actually the above two are by Conceptis. Plus a 2 person mode which I never played. Oh easy puzzles are not easy.

Word Logic I loved Crypto and Word Suduko the other four games were good to. Ok I suck at Ladders. Each of the six games have 120 each also all by Conceptis.

10k, Epic Word Search 1 and 2 and Epic Word Search Holiday. What to get. I have all 4. Never finished any but they are games you can return to time and again. The Epics consist of 5 Word Search puzzles each with 1.5ishK words each. The 10k is one Word Search puzzle of 10k words. Do not worry each puzzle is divided into sections although some words go beyond their section. Each section has 100 words. Buy just one for now I would pick Epic Word Search Holiday.


Phils Filll A Pix. Seems self explainatory but I do not quite grasp it. Enormous puzzles but I finished five and guessed a lot.

Dan McFox less then 2 dollars. The time limit is absurdly tiny. You have to make 5k points per puzzle to continue to next. Each puzzle is a series of heads. First puzzle in series is tap 4 men with sunglasses out of 20 folk. 4 men with spiky hair. Etc.


Splat the Difference. Literally bought it today. Not my favorite puzzle type its find the difference. For 3 dollars I got it. Will update later with comments.

Worcle World. This has a demo I disliked it. Its an action word puzzle game where you shoot at letters to form words.


Most have demos which are free so download the demo to try. The Wordsearch has no demo for obvious reasons.

Tappingo for $1.99 not a Lightwood game but similar to Link A Pix but puzzles are all single screen maybe a bit more but not much. Worth the money but will be done in less then 15 hours of 100 puzzles.


Jewel Match 3 for $1.74 a decent jewel matching game with clever screens. I liked it, not loved it because its a rare jewel game with no timer. Let me repeat no timer. All jewel matching games should have a no timer mode. It has about 100 levels. Absolutely worth the money.

Not puzzle games but great games.

Adventure Bar Story for about $4.50 a jrpg where you are given a tavern to run and have to go on quests to find recipes and go through dungeons fighting monsters jrpg style. I enjoyed it not hard. A lite jrpg. Also fighting monsters you get ingredients.


Mercenaries Saga 3 a fantastic strategy rpg. I loved the areas to fight and the crafting of better weapons. A must,must buy. Its $3.99. I would say its far better then the uber expensive Fire Emblem 3ds games.

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