Note that it's from Pantene Philippines, because nothing is all good in this world.

It's a terrific commercial, and it seems to sidestep the problems that Dove and the like have when they put out content like this. They aren't telling you to find strength in how good you look. Clearly they are invested in people wanting to use their hair care products, but they're a business, not an NPO. If you didn't know the Pantene brand, you'd likely think this was a PSA, not an ad. The 'never mind the labels' thing gives me lineface considering they require brand recognition to push sales, but at least Pantene is available at a fairly accessible price point.

Of course, don't go into the comments. They should really just turn them off. Many of them are positive, but you get idiots who want to complain about how they have to pay to get into clubs and women don't.

What do you guys think?