So, today has been so nice that I feel like I should share it with everyone. I am currently a candidate for a grant writer position with a pretty big (and awesome) nonprofit here in town. They called me in for an interview, then made me actually write an original writing sample over the weekend (after having already submitted a writing sample). Today I was told I was their leading candidate. Please think employed thoughts for me as I make it through the next round of interviews. It would be a dream to work there, even though the commute will be a bitch.

Then I got to see The Book of Mormon. It exceeded my expectations. Some of the jokes were very crude and it turned into a full on satyr play at one point. But just like South Park the comedy had several layers of depth and flowed from low-brow to high-brow with ease. I am sorry this is kinda short for me, but I have so many feels right now I am having a hard time with coherence at the moment.

So here's a doped out cat gif set for your viewing pleasure. I could honestly watch them all day.