This one: Easy Yeast Rolls, made for some amazing sticky orange rolls this morning (mostly last night, actually).

It's been icy and freezing and I planned well enough for it that I didn't have to leave my house all weekend, which has been awesome. So last night my youngest 'Ye'let (who is underage but happens to be our head bartender, in really excellent parenting 101) made me a couple of drinks then encouraged some of our favorite behavior - slightly tipsy baking.


I made the roll recipe as written, except I did add a little more sugar, mostly because I was at the "eyeball it" stage of inebriation baking. I let it rise, accepted another drink, and decided instead of cinnamon rolls (our original plan) we'd do orange sticky rolls. So after the first rise I patted the dough into roughly a 12x9ish rectangle, spread with one ENTIRE stick of softened butter (tip: about 1/2 a stick would've been fine, the texture of some of the inner rolls were a little soft, though cooked through), sprinkled about a half cup of sugar on that, then about two teaspoons of grated orange rind, some powdered ginger and just a tiny bit of cinnamon before rolling up and slicing into a dozen rolls.

Then they went into a 13x9 baking pan for another 25 minutes of rise-time while the oven preheated to 375.

I parbaked them so that they were cooked through but not too browned yet so that I could just pop them in the oven this morning, which worked perfectly, but that's the first time I've successfully done it, and I couldn't tell you how long they cooked, maybe 19 minutes? (This is where vodka plus recipes = derp.)

While they browned in the oven this morning I made a quick glaze of more grated orange rind/peel, orange juice and powdered sugar, probably in about a 1 cup sugar to 1-2tsps orange juice, and enough peel to count, maybe a half teaspoon.


DELICIOUS, and the reason why I love baking. It's like sorcery, which makes me a wizard, you guys. I'm a wizard.