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Okay, Team Dog, it's time to shine. As everyone knows, dogs have it over cats for the simple reason that they give a damn. Cats, famously, give zero fucks, even (or especially) about the people who wait upon their every whim. Dogs are ever and again pulling us out of the stupid situations we or our bad luck get us into. So let us sing of awesome dogs.

This is Togo.

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Togo was an awesome dog of the sub-genre of awesome dogs who pull sleds. He was musher Leonard Seppala's leader in the longest leg of the 1925 serum run to Nome, which brought diphtheria anti-toxin 674 miles to the ice-locked port of Nome, Alaska from Seward. Togo lead a team through whiteout conditions and ridiculous negative Fahrenheit temperatures across bad terrain and shifting ice.

He is not the dog best remembered from the serum run. That would be Balto, who pulled another team the final miles into Nome and who got a statue in Central Park and a Disney movie. But Seppala always considered Togo the true hero of the run, the best lead dog he ever had, the dog without whom he could not have crossed Norton Sound.


Togo lived to be twelve years old. He died peacefully in retirement.

So, tell us: Who are your dog heroes, sung and unsung, named or anonymous, and what are their feats great and small?


(Members of Team Cat are welcome to offer examples of their own favorite species' heroics, such as they may be.)

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