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Awesome new sweater thing

So one of my favourite places to shop online was having a sale, and this cardigan like thing was calling to me. Officially it is called Backslit Drapey Open Coverup, but I am just going to keep calling it the sweater thing. It was the little detail on the Backslit that sold me for some reason.


I LOVE IT! It is so so soft, and light and cool. It is perfect for covering up the eczema on my arms, so I can sit on the couch without my arms prickling. What’s more, the sleeves have this seemingly magical ability to stay cool, which further soothes my skin. (I think it is a combo of the sweater thing and and all the moisturizer I have been applying to my skin, somehow.)

It also has these awesome pockets in it. They are nice and deep and when I put my hands in them I feel like Doctor Crusher from ST:TNG. I went looking for a picture of Gates McFadden with her hands in her pockets to illustrate what I mean, but I couldn’t find one.

So yeah, this is my awesome new sweater thing. :)

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