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Update: I asked my friend for more clarification and I’ve got the dress issue figured out! Thanks to everyone for all your help! :)

I have had the most EXCITING thing happen! My best friend from my study abroad semester is getting married, and I am going back to the country where I studied abroad to go to her wedding! It works out perfectly with my schedule, which I was not expecting.

It’s going to cost a lot of my savings to buy the ticket, but I have friends I can stay with while I am there and anyway it’s worth it! I have been longing to go back to Egypt ever since my program was ended and we had to undergo emergency political evacuation and finally I have the chance! I am dying of excitement you guys!


But I have some conundrums. What do I wear to her wedding? I showed her a dress I liked from eShakti, the website where you can customize dresses and make them long enough to be modest, etc., but she is such a sweet girl that I think she would say she liked whatever I picked out even if it wasn’t really quite right. I know that being there for her is the important thing, but I want to be dressed appropriately and fit in rather than looking horribly out of place at her wedding. I mean this in terms of modesty, but also in terms of formality and style.

She is still going back and forth about exactly what it will be like, but the last I heard from her, the wedding will be indoors at 8pm. It will be in the summer. She did say her wedding is small and I can wear “a simple dress,” but still I am sure it should be nice. So I think I need something evening/formal, long, that I can wear a cardigan with to cover my arms, and without showing cleavage. The dresses on eShakti, I wasn’t sure if they were formal/evening enough. I have never owned a floor length gown in all my life so I feel so lost. I always get tea length at the longest, will that be good enough or should I get full length? I don’t want to look like I am going to prom OR like I bought a bridesmaid dress. I also really prefer fit-and-flare to column styles, because I am short and long stuff looks weird on me. I want it to en a dress I can wear again, you know?

I am also not sure what gift to give her. It can’t be tooo expensive bc I am already laying out a fortune just to get there, but I don’t want to show up empty-handed.

Help me internet friends! You’re my only hope! (Well, I am asking some other Egyptian friends too, but you get the idea.)

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