So I've been on two so-so dates. One guy was cool but I wasn't attracted to him sexually and the other guy was wayyyyyyy different looking than his photo suggested. He was nice but was fidgety and nervous and it ended pretty awkwardly.

So date number 3 was one of the first guys I talked to. He seemed really great (loves cats, Dr. Who, feminism etc) and I like that he gave me his number and said 'hang onto this and when you're free I'd like to meet up'.

So we met up at a local bar and hit it off. He's really cute (a little on the short side, maybe about and inch taller than me but it's not a big deal) we were having such a great conversation that we went to a diner after the bar closed. Then we hung out in this cool little spot on the lake. And then it was 5am. We went to my house and he met my cats (both of them liked him) and we talked more and then made out. I dropped him off at his car after 8am. All in all it was a great time!