Does anyone else read Tom & Lorenzo? The style blog? They did a really good recap/look at the Doctor Who 50th anniversary.…

I'm feeling all the feels about it (SO HAPPY) it's basically reaffirmed a lot of reasons why I watched the show. That might just be my David Tennant love coming out, but it was really well written and done, and I felt it rebooted the show in a great way. The Doctor has a quest guys. A QUEST.

The best thing from their essay is this bit, which I completely agree with. I too gasped at this line and thought: "HOW PERFECT."

'"The Man Who Regrets and The Man Who Forgets." Moffat likes these types of titles ("The Girl Who Waited") a bit too much, but we have to admit, an involuntary "Ohhhh, that's good" escaped our lips when that line was uttered. Maybe it's a little trite, but it does sum up several years' worth of storytelling nicely."


10 completely is the man who regrets, which is why his emotional levels are all over the place with his various companions and when he eventually "has to go" he goes a little mad. 11's ridiculousness ONLY makes sense in the context of him "forgetting" in an attempt to move on.

They managed the placement of the story within all their timelines SO well. You immediately realize (other than the attack one has when 10 says "I don't want to go".) You realize... he's going to go meet with Ood Sigma and really begin the process of going slightly mad trying to escape his inevitable regeneration into 11.




They also showed the regeneration into 9... which people were looking for. Now, I don't have enough experience with Classic Who to truly comment on the Curator, but I love the point T&L make, which is... we'll never truly see the end of the Doctor. Which is amazing.


Also this!


Did anyone else notice the shot of River Song's red pumps in the Black Archive? I knew as soon as they panned by them that they were River's, and then I got on tumblr later and saw a clip of her holding them!!



My only wish is that (and, I realize how amazing this ENTIRE thing was, it wouldn't have fit in... but I can still hope right!!?)


Thing 1: Clara

Thing 2: Strax

Thing 3: Jenny

Thing 4: 11th Doctor (?)

Lizard: Madame Vastra

The bows would have fit in with the bit about going into the 1500s to see QE1

And! they even managed to get one of these in there!

What was YOUR favorite part of the 50th Anniversary? I'm sure there's a MILLION more things I loved (not just 10 keeping the horse from "The Girl in the Fireplace") that I'm forgetting!