Stereotype threat: the idea that even being aware of a stereotype is enough to hurt performance (and thereby perpetuate the stereotype). There's a study you see around a lot where just asking a group of minority students to state their race on a test caused them to get lower scores than a control group.

Link here to a summary of the article (where I stole these sweet images). Basic idea is that some simple affirming writing exercises helped to close achievement gaps.

Opponents of any kind of social justice programs complain about "preferential treatment" being given to undeserving groups. They act like it's a zero-sum game, where gains in one section of the population necessarily result in losses in other sections. There's actually evidence to the opposite, where attempts to make STEM fields more inclusive and appealing to girls also cause an uptick in interested boys. The graphed results don't really show anything conclusive on the European-Americans line, but at least I can't imagine that this would be detrimental in any way to them.