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Awesomely Luvvie is not here for Dennis Rodman

Dennis Rodman took to CNN yesterday, wearing a MAGA hat, to weep about how people came at him when he first stood with Donald Trump and went to North Korea on his behalf.


Dennis outchea looking like EVERYTHING he (and you, your mama and your cousin too) been through. Like the word “struggle” got turned into a sentient being.

He’s looking like the word “Struggle” went out and got a spokesperson. An ambassador of anguish, if you will. Looking like he died last week and everyone forgot to tell him. Bruh, see your life. Ain’t no amount of money worth your dignity being stomped on in such a grand fashion. Ain’t no coins good enough to be walking around like what it looks like when your life is a testimony of bad decisions compounded into a butterfly effect of utter fuckshit. If a movie were to be made about Dennis Rodman, it should just be called FAIL.


I love her so much. And the comments from LuvvNation...GOLD

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