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So there's a post on the MP right now (cross-posted from the Reel Girl blog, not written by a regular author) about sexist toys. Which is a valid thing to talk about, as is media/ad representation of women. But let's take a quick look at how not to talk about Polly Pocket:

I call her Polly Prostitute, partly due to her fashion choices which includes boots, heels, and minis that barely cover her ass. Before you get mad at me for "slut-shaming," this is a doll marketed to little girls. Why do kids, ages 4 – 7 (the group Polly is supposedly for) need to be choosing belly-baring outfits for Polly? But, really, the bigger question is: Why do girls need to be choosing any kind of outfit for Polly at all?


You're right! There's no particularly good reason for a 4-year-old to be choosing crop tops for Polly, particularly if clothing-based toys are the only options! Let's talk about that instead of going "boots and skirts, must be a prostitute hur hur" as if you're the cleverest person in the world. But I'm sure you have more wonderful analysis coming up!

The middle bit is acceptable. Nothing super hard-hitting. As we near the end, we get this: "Why are girls, anywhere outside of the Pink Ghetto, shown as in they are a minoritywhen [sic] they are, in fact, one half of the kid population?" Let's ignore for a moment that the "Pink Ghetto" typically is about jobs, not kids' toys, and watch how she goes directly from this statement to—and I swear I'm not cutting anything out in between—the following:

Here's a brief history lesson on racist propaganda and children's media.

Images/narratives of Jews 1938

Africans 1931

Females 2013

Be on the right side of history. Please, say no to sexist toys for your kids this Holiday season.

The end. I'm not sure what to talk about first! Maybe how writing two-word captions isn't the same as actually presenting analysis? Or how "females" isn't a race and thus the last image isn't "racist propaganda"? Oh, no! I KNOW. Let's talk about how as bad as sexist advertising is, last I checked it wasn't the same as colonialism or the goddamn Holocaust.


For fuck's sake, woman.

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