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Awful Columnist is Awful

Rosie Dimanno of the Toronto Star is at it again. You may remember her from the horrible "She lost a uterus, but gained a penis... in her mouth" piece she wrote about a case where a woman was sexually assaulted during her hysterectomy.

In writing about a recently reported sexual assault on a 19 year old man by four women Dimanno observed that "one man's sexual assault is another man's sexual fantasy.".

Dimanno also writes that "around the assignment desk" there were "priggish warnings not to play snide or mischievous with the slim facts" of the case, lest Men's rights groups pounce. Really Rosie? Men's rights groups are the only people you have to worry about here?


She then goes on to belittle the inclusion of unwanted touching in sexual assault legislation, saying that it is "annoying" but that an "adult woman" but that it should be "slapped down" rather than "directed to the police".

She then goes onto speculate that the young man in this assault case was groped by these women, because the police have not released a lot of details about the exact nature if the assault. So basically she's saying that he should have just slapped them down, and not bothered police with the matter. Nice.

Oh, and she also mentions that 81% of sexual assaults reported to police are about unwanted touching. Gee, Rosie, maybe part of that has to do with the fact that most rapes go unreported due to the stigma? And maybe a columnist who makes jokes about women being sexually assaulted on the operating table isn't helping to change that?



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