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Awful TV your family watches

Part of being frozen in this weekend has been having the TV on way too much, and me not getting much say on it. So it's got me thinking about the awful shows other people like. Oh, and I recognize that I probably watch things they hate.

Mother-in-Law: Bait Car. Like COPS, it reiterates harmful stereotypes about people of color/lower class and crime, with the added fun of it showing the same crime over and over again. How many times can you watch dumb thieves boost a bait car, the police catch them, and hilarity ensuing?

Wife: We Have Too Fucking Many Kids, isn't that Great? or whatever it's called now. My wife is just as liberal as me, but the Duggars seem to be a blind spot for her. I can't watch that show without thinking about how utterly horrible and destructive their worldview is.


Oldest kid: Team Umizoomi. Most kids' shows now are unwatchable, but Umizoomi has to be the worst. I suppose it teaches some basic math skills, but the episode structure seems more designed to teach kids to play video games.

To end things on a positive note, here's a visualization of a classic feminist proverb:

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