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Awkward :(

Happy holidays, GT! I hope everyone's safe and well, and are surrounded by the people/animals/things they love.

As this is the season where people get cuffed, be merry and party, I've been following my new boyfriend (we've been together since Aug) on the Christmas party circuit. He's a member of the local hacker scene so the parties we went to were hosted by people from the community.

At one of these parties, boyfriend introduced me to his coworker/good friend and his neuroscientist wife. I gave what I thought was a bright, friendly hello and nice-to-meet-yous but the couple seemed... distant? While the coworker/good friend left to get drinks, the wife talked to boyfriend about her tonsillectomy and not making eye contact with me at all, despite me standing right there (boyfriend wrapped his arms around my waist... it's a new relationship... we're being disgustingly sweet. /voms). I thought that was weird, so I excused myself and joined in a different conversation. :(

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