Hello everyone, thanks for coming to another group support session. I'm FluffnStuff, and I am Awkward.

This post is to try to un-highjack another, altogether better, Post from PetticoatDespot.

Please feel free to share awesome (and awful) awkward anecdotes (oh God, enough with the alliteration).


For me, I will forever regret my reliance on Cool Man, George Takei. This happened a couple years back. Karasudono and I had just spent some time unwinding, clicking 'round ye old 'net, and had enjoyed quite the giggle at Takei's reading of Twilight. As we prepare for sleepy times, I innocently went to the bathroom, and discreetly did my business. Well, tried to, anyway. Wouldn't you know it, Toot. SO Embarrassed. My mind desperately sought something I could do to be cool, and there was George...

From the Spouse Perspective, what occurred went like this... Toot, pause, "Oh My" and then insane giggling as I lost it at my own ridiculousness.


PS, omg no MP, this is shameful enough, lol