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I am somewhat of a clothing hoarder. I have a nice collection of business casual clothing that I really no longer need as I don't work for the same company anymore so now I have a huge collection of blazers and blouses. Recently I've joined a few of those online local rummages on Facebook and am having fun selling some of my items.

Now, I've invested a good amount of money in my wardrobe and would rather sell a blazer than say gift it to my best friend and cousin who I've historically given all my "hand me downs" since we were kids. I still give her lots and lots of stuff. Shampoo that I don't like, a lipstick that isn't my shade, perfume I'm tired of and lots and lots of clothes etc. Anytime I clean out my closet and products I save a bag of stuff for her to have.

Last night I started posting a few of my old blouses on this rummage site (which she also is a member of so she sees the posts) as well as a stackable mug set that I never use. I get this text from her saying that she would have bought the mugs from me had I offered them to her first and that she needs work clothes too. I felt bad because now that I am thinking about it I do remember her commenting about the mug set and how she liked it.


However, when I go to sell something online I don't even think about who I can give it to for free because the point is to make a few bucks. Therefore, it doesn't even cross my mind to give her first dibs on buying the stuff because I don't want to ask her to buy it from me.... because I usually give her stuff. I have made hundreds of dollars selling stuff online and I like to just get it done. I feel like going to her first will slow things way down and also I feel pressured to just give her stuff or make it super cheap. I'm not even comfortable selling her clothes because we are so close but would rather make money from selling to strangers on the internet.

Am I making mountains out of molehills or would you feel awkward too? I am a little surprised she even mentioned anything about it to begin with because I've never been stingy with her always give her stuff.

These are my first world problems of the day.

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