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Awkward Conversations: Could you please stop talking about drugs?

(Possible TW - drugs)

Today I'm going to have a semi-awkward conversation with Guy Bandit and about his penchant for talking about, or joking about drug use. I feel that he does this because he enjoys off-colored humor, and I also think it's a way for him to comment / make light-of his own past addictions. It's a habit that I'm not comfortable with, and which I have stated as much in the past.


However, it's now been brought to my attention that some people in our friends circle are not exactly titillated by this topic of conversation either. Not so offended that they'll say anything, but apparently enough so that Guy is potentially encouraging some relationship doors to shut. Guy, who also has a great deal of social anxiety, can take judgment and criticism of this sort pretty badly.

So I'm going to lie tonight. I'm going to say that through my stealth observation skills that it seems some people may be uncomfortable with all of the drug prattle. I'm not going to say any names, and potentially throw myself under the proverbial bus as I take the fall for this. But I don't think that being upfront and (potentially) confrontational will help. I am throwing a wrench into my otherwise relaxing evening.

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