Hi GT,

I found a guy that I really, really like. Things are going great! He accepts me for all of me, including my baggage. In addition, he's great on paper- Yale grad, combat-veteran Marine, taller than me, animals love him, well spoken, former professional Halo player...I'm besotted. So is he. The only negative that I can think of is the fact that he thinks I'm more of a Targaryen than a Stark. (Boo!) Let's call him Littlefinger, because he lives on the top of the apartment building (the Vale!) and is obsessed with titans.

There's just one small problem.

New Haven is very small. Luckily, our social circles run on different sides of the green. My friends are in the Irish community that frequents bars on the more "local" side, whereas his apartment building is located in the heart of Yale and restaurant industry bars. There is only one bar, that I go to, on that side of the green, and it is because I have friends bartending there. One has been serving me since 19 (SHHH DON'T TELL!). The other is a friend from college who has gone skiing with me, slept over my Aunts house in Vermont for a fun weekend, I've done favors for at Fenway when I used to work for the Sox, etc.

One bad thing about New Haven being small, is the frequency of which you run into your exes.

There's a very popular restaurant industry bar located directly across the street from my Littlefinger's apartment building. The other night, when we were walking home, blackout (we had just visited one of my aforementioned friends, who was bartending, and he made delicious drinks that could not be denied), apparently giggling like school children. Littlefinger's phone was dead. The next morning, upon waking up, there were a dozen missed text messages from his ex, 3 missed calls, and 2 voicemails. Apparently, she had seen us walking back to the apartment. She called out Littlefinger's name, and waved her arms, but he didn't hear her- apparently he was too rapt up in paying attention to me. The text messages demanded to know who I was, what I we were doing, etc. The voicemail was along those lines, as well. Luckily, one of Littlefinger's friends witnessed the whole thing (hence how we know we were giggling) and let us know exactly what happened. We honestly do not recall hearing or seeing her at all. GT, did she overreact?

Also, yesterday, Littlefinger broke this news to me. The ex got a serving job at the cocktail bar where my friends work, that we frequent all of the time. It's hard, because, being in the restaurant industry myself, I want to give my money to my friends. So. Should we avoid going there, as not to run into her? Or should I stroll in with him in red?

Littlefinger and I are having dinner on Saturday to set expectations and talk about where we see this going. I want to bring up this topic, too. Any advice would be greatly appreciated! I'm heading to work in a bit, but I promise I'll respond to everyone as soon as I get off of my shift.

Thanks GT!