So my husband's best friend's wife and I had girl's night this weekend. We gossiped about our husbands' other best friend, and how his girlfriend is the worst. She dropped the bomb that he was cheating on her. Well, it wasn't surprising, because he sucks, but I didn't know that for sure. And then she proceeds to judge him a whole bunch for messing around on this poor girl. Which is fine, because that's not good. Then she says, "and it's not like we all haven't done the same thing, but I mean, it only went on for a year when I was doing it." She later asked me not to tell my husband that detail.

OK, 1. Some of us haven't done the same thing. I have complicated and inconsistent thoughts on being unfaithful, but I definitely haven't done that myself.

2. Maybe don't tell your husband's best friend's wife if you want it to stay a secret.

3. The scumbag friend we were talking about has only been cheating on this girl for like 3 months, so by her own standards, she's the worse person here.

4. She also said she thinks the girlfriend is also cheating, and states, "If you're both cheating at the same time, then you should not be together, you're kidding yourself that it would ever work out." Which puts me in an interesting/awkward spot to judge her. Since she doesn't know that it was NOT news to me that she had previously cheated. Since her husband told my husband back then that he was sure she was cheating, so he was also cheating because fuck her.


Basically, I don't know why I love soap operas so much, since I am living in one. You would think I get enough of it in real life.