Whoo! Flying back home to the States for a few weeks, and I conveniently scheduled my lay-over in the city with the guy ("A") who writes me messages saying his heart is breaking because I'm upset over his decision to "take time to figure out" who/if he wants to be in a relationship, but maybe "what can't be now can be in the future." On the one hand, props to him for actually agreeing to let me stay at his place (after myriad assurances that I won't try anything) and a grudging agreement to talk "briefly" about "our current situation."

....versus the guy ("B") in the other country I just left who is crazy about me and keeps in regular contact and keeps assuring me he'll visit during my summer fellowship in a third country.....where A will be visiting, as well, but with another girl who may or may not become his girlfriend by summer's end.

As my BFF pointed out, my life is like some sort of bad romcom where the protagonist does not recognize the guy next door who is in love with her and will do anything for her and instead just chases the unsuitable prick. And that's probably true to a certain extent, or, okay, a huge extent. But I'm so heartsick over guy A. Why???? Any tips on what to tell him during our "brief discussion" (besides "f*ck off," which I've considered but probably not appropriate under the situation, since I sort of invited myself to stay at his apartment for a night)?