Super long date today! Just got home and I have like 4 hours of homework to do.

We started with lunch, then went to his favorite beach and hung out for a while, then chased the sun to the furthest point we could, then sat on that beach for a few hours. Then we went to dinner and had dessert at my favorite ice cream shop.

Dude is freaking smoking hot, and I got to see him shirtless most of the day! :)

Everything was swell until he dropped me off. Super awkward, lol. Ugh. I suck at this dating thing. So no make out session, just a little peck/kiss and a hug. Boo. He even asked if I needed help carrying my beach stuff upstairs to my apartment and I was all "no, I got this." Doh. Stupid MitsubiShe.

Though I guess it's a good thing, since I have homework, or I would have invited him up. Or is that too forward? What the hell am I supposed to do? My landlord was upstairs sitting on the balcony, too. Super awkward.


I guess next time? How on earth do you "make a move"? I'm so not good at this. It's been so long since I actually dated a stranger.

Edit: I must have done something right, he texted me after he got home and asked if I wanted to come over and watch "Sherlock" and have some beer on Thursday. :D