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Awkward experiences in meeting strangers

So I had a rather interesting night last night. It was one of my closest friend's birthday yesterday. She was working a double, so all she wanted to do was take a break and grab dinner and a drink at a nearby bar. She works as an exotic dancer - we met through pole dancing because she's my instructor. Dinner was just her, myself, and a coworker of hers whose boyfriend stopped by to chat for a few minutes.

Coworker's boyfriend seemed nice enough from the maybe 5 minutes he was at the table. After he left, my friend received a birthday call from her dad so she stepped away for a bit leaving me alone with her coworker. Coworker was a nice girl, but when she started talking to me things took a turn for the unsettling.


She told me about how her boyfriend was "falsely" convicted of statutory rape twice and was incarcerated for it. She claims it's all lies because one of his victims keeps trying to contact him on Facebook. His dad apparently made millions flipping houses, and she and him are living in a town home they rent for $250 a month? I don't know, things just kept getting crazier and crazier in the short amount of time we were left on our own to chat.

I'm 10 years older, work in insurance underwriting, and my boyfriend is an ad man. We are pretty middle of the road squares. Clearly, I had no way of relating to this girl. I doubt I'll ever spend much more time around her again; but how in the world do you respond when someone casually mentions their boyfriend is a convicted rapist?

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