So earlier, my Annoying Sister in Law sent out an email proposing a get together since they missed Canadian Thanksgiving. She asked what date would be good, and when she settled on a date (this Sunday), she then asked who wanted to host. Huh? My Other Sister in Law was especially annoyed by this, because she ends up hosting most things, along with my MiL. (Mr I and I live an hour away from everyone else)

So my Other Sister in Law responded saying she was going to the movies with her daughter that day, but suggested that we go by my ASiL's place after the movie.

ASiL responded by saying that their place is in turmoil (it always is) so there is no space to host people, so unless someone else has another suggestion, we'll just have to forget about it.

All righty then... My Other Sister in Law is not amused. She hasn't replied yet, but is thinking of saying, "I already hosted Thanksgiving, and will probably be hosting Christmas, too. I am not going to host a last minute dinner party for Sunday, because you went out of the country over Thanksgiving."

Family drama, yay...